"We love Artistic Cleaners!....."
"Finally!! A true carpet cleaning company! Courteous employees from office to crew......"
"Oh my Gosh! My carpet looks brand new!....."
"A refreshing change from other cleaners....."
"Your service people are the best and the quality of your work is outstanding....."

Our Customer's Say...

5 Stars
Mikki Davis (via feedbackartisticcleaners)
…Everything was great. Tile looks like new.  Passed the reference to several people already.
Josh and Mike were great.
Carol Marfeka (via feedbackartisticcleaners)
…Everything was great. Tile looks like new.  Passed the reference to several people already.
Josh and Mike were great.
Carol Marfeka
5 Stars
Mikki Davis
Artistic Cleaners is the best! I have used only Artistic for the past 20 years. Wouldn’t consider having anyone else touch my carpets or furniture. They know how to remove difficult stains including red wine on light colored carpet. Deep cleaning of carpets is second to none and pricing is great. Staff is awesome!!!! Joshua completed my last two services and he is fantastic – very professional, trustworthy and friendly.
Fritz Oppenlander
We had flood damage in our basement bedroom and needed help! We got a call back right away, the staff and owners were helpful, courteous and answered all our questions and concerns. He arrived on time to give us a quote, he was very knowledgeable and was not a pushy sale man by no means. He was able to do the cleaning right then and there… took his time and did a great job. So glad we did not choose to replace the carpet, Artistic Cleaners made our carpet LOOK and SMELL FANTASTIC! We too will be using them Again. Thank You!
Leslie Huttner
Everything was great! The staff was very nice and did a fantastic job from the appraisel to the finish. I highly recommend!!!!
Allison Dickman
Excellent Job! The gentlemen who did the work were professional and courteous. They walked us through exactly what they wanted to do and worked very quickly and thoroughly.
Greg Kearny
This was the nicest carpet cleaning experience on every level. The techs were so friendly, prompt, and professional. They were dressed neatly, and were careful with my furniture, and belongings. There equipment was clean -which I have tried other commercial cleaners in the past and found they dragged a lot of dirt into my house with filthy hoses. They also were very kind to my Senior dog, and were understanding to him not being able to move out of their way very fast- that meant a lot too. The price was very reasonable and I feel as if I had new carpet installed- there are NO spots left, and no traffic patterns any longer. They got it all up, and it smells really nice and fresh. I will only use you in the future- thanks very much!
Becky Stritt
I was very pleased w/the carpet cleaning. Also, I was glad to know the tips about extra rinsing w/vinegar water if/when I use my home Bissell carpet cleaner, since 2 days after I had the cleaning done, my son spilled strawberry milk on the carpet in his room, then the next day, my dog had diarrhea in my other son’s room at 3am!!! Thankfully, my son was good enough to try to clean it up the best he knew how. However, he used A LOT of pet stain remover spray on the stain. I got my Bissell out & was able to get both stains out. The best part was that I knew to use the vinegar water to get more of the soap out from the spray on stain remover. So, I’d have to say that I was very pleased w/the whole experience, but how ironic…as my dog has never had an accident like that before, & to have it happen RIGHT AFTER I had the carpets cleaned. Thank you.
Betsy Redmer

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